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Cupper© COFFEE
Carafe Line

Cupper Coffee Carafes
Winter Stippleware

Our Cupper Carafe is individually hand crafted, hand glazed and it is
the ONLY Microwaveable
brewing carafe available today.

Why use a clay carafe?
Because a good cup of coffee is a prime daily pleasure. How it’s made and kept until you drink it is important to that experience. Our Carafe has the natural strength and heat insulation properties of clay to keep your brew hugged in even warmth until you pour your next delicious cup. As you use your Cupper Carafe, it mellows much the way
a good earthenware teapot does. At home or at work you can experience one of life’s simple
pleasures—a good cup of coffee graciously severed from a beautiful piece of pottery. Enjoy!

Fits Most 12 Cup Coffee Makers

Capacity 10  4 oz cups (40oz)

Use and Care Instructions
Place Cupper Carafe onto coffee maker hot plate (spout straight in) and brew coffee according to your experience or the coffee maker’s instructions. Tight fit? Swing filter basket out, place Carafe on hot plate, return basket to brewing position. Coffee makers with ‘Automatic Pause Serve’ feature may require disabling drip stop when using our Carafe. Simply remove the tiny rubber stopper from the rocker arm on the underside of the filter cone, replace cone and brew as usual. After brewing, remove filter basket and put lid on Carafe to hold in heat. Place your thumb on lid when pouring.
A thin smear of shortening or wax on the pour spout rim will eliminate drips.

Our Carafe can be safely used is any microwave oven for reheating. Fits the 12 cup coffe makers: Krups ®, Braun ®, Melitta ®, Mr. Coffee ®, Bunn ®, Proctor Silex ®, Black & Decker ®, Norelco ®, West Bend ®, and Cory ®.

Cleaning Carafe
Wash by hand or in dishwasher. For hard to remove stains use baking soda and a plastic mesh pad.
Care should be taken not to boil coffee dry in carafe. However, if this does happen, cool the
carafe to room temperature, clean out coffee residue and use again. Glaze is lead free.

NEVER use our Coffee Carafe on a stove top burner.

Order your Cupper Carafe today!

Our line of hand-crafted mugs make a great companion to our Cupper Carafe.

Styles are 20 oz Eiffel, and 16 oz Barrel, each available in different color choices.

Order your mugs today!

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