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The Bakato©

Why a clay Bakato?

Because our BAKATO (pronounced BAKE-ATE-OH) bake-and-serve casserole is a fun and easy way to create a tasty one-dish meal. Made especially for the potato lover, the Bakato can also bake squash, yams, onions and apples with efficiency and flair. Our special spikes conduct heat to the heart of the potato, helping it to cook more evenly and quickly.

Perfect for the microwave and dishwasher-safe, the Bakato makes an ideal gift for family and friends. Because preparation is so simple and the results delightful, you will find countless new ways to use your Bakato bake-and-serve casserole. Follow our basic cooking instructions as a guide, then let your imagination take off!

Available Colors:

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Works perfectly in an oven or microwave Never use on a stove-top burner
Free Apple Corer with Every Order  of 2 or more pairs